Designed with you in mind

Our guests should be interested in learning more about themselves and how to live a more mindful and fulfilling life. They are designed to help you explore your inner self, connect with others and create lasting memories.

Interested in indulging in your passions?

Dream Retreats Europe offers a variety of immersive experiences that offer choices to follow your interests and passions. You should be comfortable focusing on the things you are most excited about and skip anything that feels like an obligation.

Looking to slow down and unplug?

Dream Retreats Europe offers a quality-over-quantity approach to travel focusing on being present and removing any distractions and worries that might come with your typical routine. We want our guests to feel unapologetic about whatever makes them happy and take breaks often. We are here to guide your journey.

Appreciate the finer things in life?

Dream Retreats Europe is held in beautiful and luxurious spaces and places. You will feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Slow Travel in Europe

We practice slow travel.

Slow travel is a mindful and deliberate approach to exploring the world that emphasizes a deeper connection with the places we visit. Unlike the fast-paced, whirlwind style of tourism that often involves rushing from one attraction to another, slow travel encourages a more immersive and unhurried experience.

It involves taking the time to savour each moment, appreciate local culture, and engage with the community.

By embracing a slower pace, travellers will gain a richer and more authentic appreciation for the destinations they explore.

Come and slow travel with us.